X-Y display prototype with Arduino and an old VGA

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I created a simple Arduino Nano compatible video graphics array (VGA) breakout board for an old cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor. In this video, I'll demonstrate how ATmega328P of the Arduino board can be used to buffer low-frequency signals so that the CRT can be used as an X-Y mode display.

Arduino is clearly underpowered for real VGA graphics. The main purpose of this prototype was to test VGA connectivity in practice and to measure signal tolerances for future projects.

Source codes of the examples can be found from:
I've also included a small script, which converts images to static arrays compatible with the VGAX library (https://github.com/smaffer/vgax).

I've used 470Ω resistors between the Arduino and the wires of green and red signals. For the horizontal and vertical synchronization, I've used two 150Ω resistors in parallel since I had a shortage of 68Ω resistors.

This video is dedicated to my father who introduced me to computers and programming. I am grateful for the countless discussions on pneumatics and hydraulic circuits not to mention all the small electronics projects we've built together. They've led to life long joy and countless interesting opportunities.
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