Worlds tiniest SBUS Arduino 2.4GHz DIY SMD RC receiver & sound controller manufactured by

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Worlds tiniest Arduino SBUS 2.4GHz receiver arrived! In this video, I’m going to show you this super compact nano receiver together with my ESP32 sound controller, which was manufactured by as well
This receiver is compatible with my „Micro RC“ (GitHub link down below) system, which is in use in almost all of my RC models. For smaller scale models, I wanted a smaller „SBUS only“ receiver, so I made this.
It can easily be programmed, using Arduino IDE and an ISP programmer, which is Arduino based as well and based on a Pro Micro 3.3V, 8MHz.

Sound Controller:
Virtual 3 speed transmission:
Flysky support:
Revving sound, Kennwort sounds:
SCANIA V8 Open Pipe:

Light & sound controller features:
- Sampling rate up to 22’050Hz, instead of 16’000
- Multiple sounds can play simultaneously
- real DAC outputs, no R/C filter circuit required
- the variable speed engine sound can play at the same time as an additional sound with fixed speed (a horn or a siren for example)
- A lot of pre configured vehicles are available
- special sounds included like: „Martinshorn“ fire truck horn, US Police siren, Swiss post bus horn, train horn, car horn, MAN TGA truck horn
- Engine sounds for: Land Rover Defender V8, ford Mustang, Chevy Nova, Dodge Challenger, MG B GT V8, LaFerrari, Scania V8, Ural V8, Kenworth, CAT, Detroit Diesel etc.
- Air brake & jake brake sounds
- Output for vibrating motor, which simulates engine vibrations
- Vehicle inertia simulation (if crawler type ESC is connected to pin 33)
- Virtual clutch, making the engine sound much more realistic (if crawler type ESC is connected to pin 33)
- simulated manual 3 speed, automatic & double clutch transmissions
- The TAMIYA 3 speed transmission is synchronised in software and can be shifted while driving
- Many light functions like headlight, tale light, brake light, indicators, blue light, foglight, sidelights, high & low beam
- 6 PWM RC servo signal inputs
- 13 light outputs
- PWM, PPM, IBUS & SBUS communication, makes it compatible with most common remotes
- The pre assembled SMD PCB can easily be ordered according to:

Material links for sound controller:
- PCB including SMD components assembling:
- ESP32 board:
- PAM8403 amplifier:
- Speaker:

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