Wiring Outlets & 110V Square D Breaker Box | Skoolie Wiring & Electrical

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In this video, we’re going to show you how we wired our 110V outlets and Square D Breaker Box in our skoolie. Although we’re not professional electricians, we did have a licensed Master Electrician look over our diy electrical setup to make sure we did it correctly. What’s cool is that we’re going to share the tips our electrician gave to us with you throughout our film!

This is just part of the 110V skoolie wiring setup considering in the near future, we’ll hook our breaker panel up to our inverter.

???? In our film, we spoke of the insulation we’re going to use. Although we haven’t gotten to that part YET, we’re pretty darn close! If you want to check it out, we’re going to use Havelock Wool and here’s our link ➜ https://beap.world/wool-insulation-yt

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