Wireling Overview - 10mm x 10mm Arduino and Python Compatible Sensors, Displays, and more!

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Wirelings are the tiniest board form factor that TinyCircuits has to offer, starting at 10mm x 10mm. These tiny boards will add new capabilities to your projects in a big way! From sensors and displays, to sound, and inputs like switches and joysticks, Wirelings plug into your projects easily with a 5-pin cable which means absolutely no soldering or bread-boarding necessary. Wirelings are tiny, low-cost, and to top it all off - they are compatible with TinyCircuits processors, standard Arduino processors, and Raspberry Pi boards.

Wirelings (Originally called Whiskers) were brought to life by Kickstarter in a campaign that raised over three times the funding goal! Check out the original Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kenburns/whiskers-by-tinycircuits-compatible-simple-teeny-tiny?ref=discovery&term=whiskers
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