WIO Terminal: An Arduino compatible board with screen and a lot more!

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Today I'll be checking out the WIO Terminal from Seeedstudio. It's a programmable microcontroller with an LCD screen already attached with a bunch of sensors in it - with the option of adding more. With a little box of tricks like this, you can make a lot of interesting projects - but for me, I want to turn it into a useful tool for testing RC bits and bobs. As one of the things I often need to test are GPS receivers, let's start there.

You can check out the WIO Terminal over at Seeed's site here https://www.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-p-4509.html You'll also find links to the programming tutorials, projects, and the groove sensors from that main page.

You can find the code I wrote for this little project here https://github.com/CurryKitten/WIO_Tools

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