using tinyusb and arduino to make a USB mass storage floppy ???? drive

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woohoo, we got on-the-fly mfm decoding working so we have fluxes converted to bytes, and all the sectors are verifying right. wouldn't it be neat if we could use tinyusb's mass-storage class to make a usb floppy drive?

tinyusb is an adafruit-sponsored open source usb stack that lets a microcontroller act like just about any usb device: like a keyboard or mouse or midi or disk drive. the latter is what we're most interested in - and all we have to do is tell USB MSD how many sectors we've got (18 per track, 80 tracks, 2 sides) and supply the 512 byte sectors when we get a SCSI READ10 callback.

bam, it 'just works' as windows still recognizes and supports FAT12 devices! we can open up and skim through the text files we've copied over earlier, and look who phrack 49 had an interview with!

#phrack #adafruit #floppy

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