Unboxing the Limited Edition Arduino UNO Mini – First Look and Review!

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This video gives you an unboxing, first look and review of the brand new Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition board from Arduino. Arduino are targeting the Arduino UNO Mini as a collectors item to anyone who collects microcontrollers. This board is an expensive but great alternative to the standard Arduino UNO only in a smaller package! The Arduino UNO Mino Limited Edition uses the ATmega328P microcontroller and the board features a USB-C connector. It features four LEDs on the topside of the board including a green power LED. In many ways it acts just like the standard Arduino UNO, just in a smaller package and a prettier board! It measures in at 34.20mm x 26.70mm.

The Arduino UNI Mini Limited Edition starts at 40 Euros from Arduino which is very expensive for a microcontroller but we suspect that this isn’t the targeted use case for this board, instead we think this board is for display!

The board is powered by the ATmega328P which is a 8-bit AVR RISC based processor running at 16MHz. This chip features 2KB of SRAM, 32KB Flash for your projects and 1KB EEPROM. It has three timers (one 16-bit and two 8-bit), it has 6 PWM channels, and according to Arduino it has 6 ADC inputs although the actual chip appears to be an 8 channel ADC. It has two SPI interfaces, and one I squared C interface. However, the ATmega328P does not have it’s own USB interface which means that there needs to be a USB to serial conversion process going on somewhere. In this case the ATmega16U2 microcontroller handles that. You can program this board using the Arduino IDE.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see some projects featuring the Arduino UNO Mini!

The Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition is available from Arduino here: https://store.arduino.cc/products/uno-mini-le

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00:00 Introduction
00:32 Unboxing
03:23 Price
03:54 Dimensions
04:14 Features
06:12 Pinout + GPIO
06:37 Thoughts & Conclusions

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