Ultra-small GPIO Terminal Block Breakout Board Module for Arduino Mega-2560

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Official store: https://czh-labs.com/collections/arduino-415

1, The item has been soldered and assembled. Support for Arduino Mega-2560.
2, Terminal block pitch 2.54mm/0.1", wire size range 28AWG to 18AWG, strip length 4.5mm, screw M1.6 steel, pin header and cage copper.
3, FR-4 fiber glass PCB, dual copper layers.
4, Pin header connect to Arduino board. The breakout board is firmly fixed to Arduino-Uno through standoffs and nut, and will not shake.
5, Packing list: 3x(1 set, A B C each one) terminal block breakout modules, 6x 11mm nylon standoffs. 6x 6mm nylon standoffs. 6x nylon nuts, 1x small slotted screwdriver (NOTE: the item not include Arduino Mega-2560 module)
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