Top 10 displays for Arduino and other microcontrollers

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10 best Arduino displays

Need a display for your Arduino, micro:bit, Pi Pico, Teensy or even for your Raspberry Pi? Go through this video first. I hope it will keep you from throwing away money on bad display solutions.

In this video I try out a huge amount of display solutions for your microcontroller projects. Which displays are easy to use, deliver good quality visuals, are well built and which offer the most fun?
Most displays can be used with the Arduino Leonardo, the Arduino UNO, the micro:bit, Adafruit M4 Express, Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino Micro, ATtiny85, Nano BLE 33 (Sense), MEGA, DUE, ESP8266, ESP32 and Teensy microcontrollers. The ones with RGB colour and many pixels need fast processors and lots of RAM, like found on Cortex M4 boards, Teensy's or the ESP32.

The video is near silent on purpose. Here are the timestamps:
0:13 Plain LED's

0:34 LED Matrix panels with MAX7219 or HT16K33 controller
1:00 Built-in LED matrix on the micro:bit
1:19 Arduino MEGA/DUE TFT shield
1:35 OLED display over SPI and I2C
2:08 16x2 LCD display with VA panel and I2C interface
2:54 HUB75 64x32 pixel RGB video-wall panel
3:40 8-segment LED displays with TM1637 controller
4:08 IPS based LCD displays over SPI
5:23 VFD display with parallel interface
5:43 NeoPixel solutions: single LED's, circles and matrix boards.

Filmed with Tilt-Shift lens for crazy sharp details in 4K and no depth of field blur!

All showed items are bought myself in local shops, so this is 100% personal experience and no paid promotion is involved.
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