Thumbstick for PC Gaming - using an Arduino UNO!! (*PC Gaming Joystick*)

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Works with Direct X games!

00:00 - Intro
00:15 - Hardware assembly
02:51 - Arduino code run-through
05:37 - Arduino code upload
06:37 - Python code run-through
10:36 - Remapping Joystick button
11:23 - 3D printing overview
12:40 - Running the code and in-game test

PC gaming was only lacking one thing in my eyes... analogue movement.
There are a few projects which tackle this, but they are a little incomplete, or require an Arduino micro to be seen as a game controller.
My take on this uses an Arduino Uno, and should basically be good to go straight away!

Notes: Needs Arduino Uno, and should be fairly familiar with Python 3.
The joystick button is set to "i" by default.
You will need the Arduino IDE software, as well as Python 3.

Head over to Thingiverse for the files and project details:

Thanks to @engineerish for the idea and starting blocks for the code! GitHub link:

Arduino IDE:
Python 3:

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