Three Electrical Mistakes that Can Make Your Van Go up in FLAMES and how to Avoid Them!

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The three most common electrical mistakes we see in vans and how to keep your van safe!

Welcome back to the Fur and Fam YouTube channel! We did a lot of research when building our van and came across a lot of bad information on the internet! We want to set the record straight on these three issues that we saw the most in vans on the internet! Safety in a van is really important and who wants to see their entire home catch on fire? With our two Golden Retrievers in the van with us and sometimes being left in the van when we have to go into places they're not allowed in, electrical safety was a big deal for us. If you want more info check out our website

Mistake 1: Not using the proper wire or wire size
Solution: Use stranded wire that’s intended for marine or automotive use. Size the wire based off of the AWG wire standards for the length and amount of current running through it.

Mistake 2: Not having fuses or the proper size fuses
Solution: Fuses are a very important part of a van electrical system. They should be sized to protect the devices on the circuit and the size of the wire used in the circuit.

Mistake 3: Having improperly sized devices (inverters charge controllers etc...) Solution: Look for the continuous duty rating on devices instead of the maxim rating that companies like to advertise.

Thanks for watching and we hope this video helped make your van safer! please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!
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