The IoT Show | An Arduino library to connect devices to Azure IoT

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Arduino IDE is a simple and easy to use tool to do embedded programming geared towards students and makers, but nothing prevents professionals from using it for real life IoT projects. Many of our customers are leveraging the simplicity and power of the Arduino community to create their solutions.
We revamped the Azure IoT SDK for C library for Arduino to simplify the connection of these Arduino-based IoT devices to Azure.
Wellington and Ewerton join Olivier on the IoT Show to demo the new library.

Learn more at https://aka.ms/arduino
Check out the deep dive demo at https://youtu.be/MLsnNXhzc2k

0:00 - Teaser
0:30 - Introduction
1:05 - The new Arduino library for Azure IoT
2:44 - GitHub repositories walkthrough
4:50 - Arduino compatible vs. Arduino devices compatibility
6:21 - Demo: add library in Arduino IDE
8:11 - Demo: Connecting an ESP32 to Azure IoT Central
16:30 - Wrap up and call to action
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