Take Care of Family & Elders using Arduino | Real-Time Home Monitoring System - Arduino IoT Project

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Taking care of elders and your family by monitoring your Home in Real-Time using Arduino. This Home Safety Monitoring System is an Arduino IoT Project, that will constantly monitor your Room for all environmental parameters like ambient temperature, light, humidity, pressure as well as Air Quality.

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This system will scan for all the parameters and update them on an online dashboard. If there is any sudden spike in any value, for example, if the temperature suddenly increases or if there is any LPG leakage, it will alert us to help us to take sudden action.

For this Arduino IoT Project, we are using Arduino Nano RP 2040 as our Microcontroller, BME 280 to scan for environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, and pressure. We use an LDR to measure the ambient light and a gas sensor to detect air quality.

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