super gadget for your electrical installation, Homemade Fault Finding Device

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super gadget for your electrical installation, Homemade Fault Finding Device

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 Why Mobile Battery have 3 & 4 Terminals ॥मोबाइल बैटरि मे 3 और 4 टेरमीनल क्यूँ

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:--) Smart Tester , Homemade smart tester, इस tester से सब टेस्ट कर सकते है

Wireless Electric Current & Voltage Tester using transistor , measuring distance 6-10 cm

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Homemade Variable DC Power Supply, 230v AC to DC 1.5v,3v,4.5v,6v,7.5v,9v & 12v एक डिवाइस और काम अनेक

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water level indicator PCB

Power saving Indicator, modify करके use करे। अब electricity बिल नहीं आयेगा

homemade 12v li-ion battery.

homemade Multimeter

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Which sensor is best for obstacle detection

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home automation with YouTube

free energy 100% working, Radio signal to Electricity.

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घर पर ट्रक करनेका डिवाइस कैसे बनाए how to make tracking device

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