Stormbringer in T5 electrical abyss? (2.7b)

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I was on the test server (sisi) to check how the Stormbringer (EDENCOM cruiser) fares in high-tier abyssals. Let's just say it was surprising, wouldn't have expected the results! (click "SHOW MORE" for the fit as well as timestamps to the site runs).

This is the fit used:

Table of contents:
[00:00:00] Intro with chill music
[00:14:45] Let's get started!
[00:16:21] What's the plan?
[00:18:27] Modifying the failed T6 fit for T5 (fitting ASMR! ;-) )
[00:35:10] Abyss number 1, room 1. Tactics for Karen!
[00:39:51] Room 2, the Ephialtes cruisers
[00:43:16] Room 3, Angel room
[00:49:17] Abyss 2, room 1, more Ephialtes and friends, splash paradise ;-)
[00:52:54] Second room, some Triglavian cruisers
[00:56:37] Third, sleepers
[01:00:20] So far, so good, Abyss 3, Tessellas, 90 seconds!
[01:02:44] Room 2, more Triglavians
[01:07:21] Number 3, some Ephialtes with Drifter support
[01:13:31] Abyss number 4, room 1, just some sleepers
[01:17:51] Room 2, finally, the drone battleship, how long will it take? Some heat!
[01:25:06] Room 3, yay! Deepwatchers, how long does that take?
[01:33:50] Let's do abyss 5, room 1 more Tessellas
[01:36:06] Room 2, Vilas
[01:39:57] And number 3, battlecruisers! (Tesseras)
[01:43:28] Abyss 6, first room, Sansha's
[01:47:00] Room 2, more splashing into Tessellas!
[01:48:57] Room 3, more Vilas
[02:00:07] Cheers everyone!
[02:05:55] Ok, let's try number 7, room 1, more Vilas
[02:11:22] Room 2, just sleepers
[02:16:16] Number 3, Ephialtes
[02:23:28] Number 8 (the ROOM), erm yeah, not what we want to test, or maybe?
Well, just some giveaways after this. Very surprised about the ship's performance though!

Thanks for watching :)

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