Spindle Encoder - CNC Lathe Threading

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Threading on a CNC lathe requires a spindle encoder so the tool makes consistent pitch passes. A rotary encoder is added to a South Bend SB1001 lathe DIY CNC and attached to a Mesa 7i76e board. LinuxCNC drives the lathe to perform the threading operations. While concept is sound, a new pulley is needed to make the project perfect, but the parts will not arrive for a couple of weeks.

If researching for your own project, make life easier and start with a 1:1 pulley ratio between the spindle and rotary encoder. Glad to answer related questions in the comments.

0:00 Introduction
2:15 Broaching timing pulley
4:10 Installation of prototype
4:55 Making support arm
6:13 Assembly of metal parts
6:50 Threading tests
9:51 Fixes

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