solar tracker using Arduino and LDR

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In this video, I am reviewing an automatic time-lapse camera on a single-axis solar tracker.
A solar tracker kit is a specialized motorized mount for tracking the sun across the sky. It is typically used in photovoltaic solar panel applications to maximize power output by keeping the panels facing directly at the sun. The solar tracker circuit significantly increases the energy output of solar cells by following the Sun with no moving parts. This is achieved with a sun-tracking solar tracker code and solar tracker diagram mounting that rotates the panel to always face the Sun, maximizing sun exposure. This homemade solar tracker uses a solar tracker linear actuator and is very efficient. Very simple working of solar tracker. Solar tracker panel is very simple which has been made using Arduino.Solar tracker using Arduino track sun automatically and adjust the position of solar panel to get maximum sunlight. Solar tracker with Arduino makes pannels more efficient. Solar tracker sensor, track the sun whole day. Solar tracker stand can easily mount on rooftop.
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