Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System Using Arduino

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Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System Using Arduino

This is solar powered automatic irrigation system, in this project DC Pump turns on or off according to moisture of sand. In this project a moisture sensor is used to insert in the sand, when moisture of sand become lower then set value, pump automatically turns on and whenever moisture of sand become higher then set value, pump automatically turns off.

In this project two solar plates are used, to charge the Lead Acid Battery. These batteries used to power the circuit. Arduino Nano used to control all the tasks, moisture sensor is directly connected to the Analog pin of arduino.

A DC pump is also used for water irrigation system, this pump automatically turns on when moisture sensor's output value become lower then set value. and it automatically turns off when value of moisture become higher then set value. A MOSFET IRFZ44 is used to turn on pump, because Arduino can't operate Pump directly.

Components List
1. Arduino Nano
2. 16x2 LCD
3. DC Pump
4. Moisture Sensor
5. Solar Plate
6. Lead Acid Battery
8. Potentiometer 10K

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Solar Irrigation System Project
This is solar irrigation system project
Here Automatic irrigation system project written on LCD
And also status of pump is shown
Here we used two plates
one plate is filled with wet sand, and another one is filled with dry sand
A Moisture sensor is also used in the Wet Sand
We used two different plates for demo
Suppose sand is wet in your farm
so pump is off
now we place the moisture sensor into dry sand
that means sand is dry and now we have to start the pump
as soon as we place this in dry sand
pump starts automatically
and "PUMP ON" is also displayed on the LCD
now suppose dry sand become wet after few minutes
we can represent this by placing the sensor in Wet Sand
Pump automatically turns off when sand become fully wet
this process continuously works
And this complete project i solar powered
here we used two solar plates of 6 volt in series
And these solar plates charge the Lead Acid Batteries
And the whole circuit powered by lead acid battery
An Arduino Nano is used in the circuit
A 16x2 LCD is connected to the Arduino Nano
Every details shows on LCD
one IRFZ44 Mosfet is also connected in the circuit
A DC PUMP is connected via MOSFET
DC Pump Consumes lot of power so we can not connect it directly to the Arduino
MOSFET amplifies the power and Turn On the Pump
Here we used conductive type moisture sensor
And it is connected to Arduino Nano's Analog Pin
This potentiometer is used to Moisture sensor calibration
We can set the values by calibration
This potentiometer is also used for contrast Adjustment of LCD
we can increase or decrease the size of solar plates according to requirements
and also we can increase the battery capacity
how's this video, Please drop a comment
if you want to purchase this project, please mail me : man.suthar2012@gmail.com
you can also contact me for source code purchase
Goooood Byeeeeeee

in this project we will show you how a automatically irrigation system works, because automatic solar irrigation system is very useful and essential part of Farms and it is very useful because this irrigation system is solar powered so its a great example of renewal energy. due to use of renewal energy Solar powered irrigation system is very useful. in the automatic irrigation system solar plates are used to harvest the energy from sunlight, but we cant power complete irrigation system project directly from sunlight because solar plats cant give that much power to irrigation system. And also we can use irrigation system at night time so its not possible to run the system at night.

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