Simplest, cheapest, effective DIY ARDUINO ultrasonic Microphone Jammer / DIY ultrasound Audio Jammer

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[ENABLE CAPTIONS!] In this video I am showing how to construct ultra cheap ultrasound Dictaphone / Microphone jammer to protect your privacy against unauthorized recording and eavesdropping during business meetings etc... Whole device costs less than 25 USD and is very simple. Please notice that commercial solutions giving the same jamming results cost 10-50 times higher and I am giving you this solution for free. So plz reward me with a LIKE at least :-)

The ultrasound audio jammer / audio recording blocker - is composed of :
- Arduino DIGISPARK ATTINY85 based unit (it can be any different, but this one is the cheapest... - 2 USD -check description below) ,
- Audio power amplification module PAM8403 (0,2 USD),
- set of 10-20 ultrasound transducers for 25kHz ( 10 units cost 10 USD).

If constructed properly the jamming range is 10 meters in closed areas (conference rooms). PAM8403 module gives 6 Watt of audio output power on 25kHz. No additional programmers are needed ( ARDUINO DIGISPARK is programmed over USB from Arduino framework on Windows/Linux/Mac)

Whole project data can be found here : https://github.com/mcore1976/antispy-jammer

the INO sketch is here : https://github.com/mcore1976/antispy-jammer/blob/main/mic-jammer.ino

The ARDUINO generates pulse wave with 25kHZ center frequency which is slightly modulated +/- 2kHz with predefined values taken from lookup table - white noise offset. This white noise leaks to hearable frequencies 100-5000Hz and overloads hidden microphones.
Please notice that there are some hi-fi microphones that may not be jammed with this device - especially these with several microphones and echo cancellation. There is never 100% effectiveness but this device may suppress huge range of recording devices (voice assistants, dictaphones, wiretaps, audio recorders, cell phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, hidden cameras,gsm bugs, laser microphones, direction microphones etc.)
If you are businessman or politician conducting some negotiations this kind of device is must have for you to protect your privacy by protecting your private conversation and secure your business.


The INO sketch will work on ANY Arduino, not only Arduino Digispark since all of them have 16MHz clock ( Digispark has 16.5MHz so little frequency tuning may be necessary). You may also need to change following Output Pin assignments in the INO sketch :


Currently there are PINS 8,9,10 used (port PB1, PB3, PB3). You may want to change it for example to Port C and Pins 14,15,16 (PC0,PC1,PC2):


Remember that then port PC0 will be GND for PAM8403, and port PC1 & PC2 will be Left and Right signal sourc respectively.
Frequency fine tuning - change value 48 to some lover value like 46 or 47 here :
// calculate pulse width pulsewidth = pgm_read_byte(randomized + sequence) + 48 ;

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