RGB LED Strip WS2812B Arduino Code | DIY Temperature Sensing Color Changing RGB LED's | RGB Light

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RGB LED Strip WS2812B Arduino Code | DIY Temperature Sensing Color Changing RGB LED's | RGB LED WS2812B
Hello friends! In todays video I will be making a very cool project. I will show you how you can made RGB LED strip change color on the basis of input temperature. In this project we are using NTC temperature sensor that will send analogue signals to arduino Nano and we can drive ws2812b rgb led strip from the digital output accordingly.
This is so far the coolest project and best in all cases. You can anytime modify the code and make it more cooler.
Best of LUCK!

Code Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e7IJ9a1DUNZBDt_vaZ6FODyLKhjl7KK6?usp=sharing

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Jump to the Different Sections of Video:
00:00 - Introduction DIY Temperature Sensor RGB LED Strip
01:43 - Things Required for this project
02:25 - NTC Thermistor working
02:53 - Connections
03:28 - Code
03:59 - Demonstration
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