Raspberry Pi Based Smart Health Monitor Using Arduino Nano | Body Temperature | Pulse Rate | ECG

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This is Smart Health Monitor System Based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, In this project we are going to measure the Pulse Rate, Body Temperature and ECG Graph. The Main purpose of Raspberry Pi is only works as an ordinary Computer.

Raspberry Pi works as an computer and where we can install the Arduino IDE Software and upload the Code. We can further modify the project for data storage on Raspberry Pi.

This project is also sends data to registered mobile number using SIM800L GSM Module Via SMS, which can b activated by Pressing a button.

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Components List
1. Raspberry Pi Computer Setup
2. Arduino Nano
3. 16x2 LCD
4. LM35 Body Temperature Sensor
5. Photo Transistor and IR LED For Pulse Rate Sensor
6. ECG Sensor ( AD8232 )
7. GSM Module (SIM800L)
8. Power Supply
9. LM317 Voltage Regulator

Working Of Health Monitor Project Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

1. Body Temperature Measurement : In the project LM35 Temperature sensor is used for body temperature, this sensor also attached with fingertip along with pulse sensor.
LM35 is an Analog sensor whose output value changes according to the temperature.

2. Pulse Rate Sensor (Heart Beat Sensor) : For this purpose we used a Photo Transistor and A IR LED. IR LED simply Emits the IR Light and it is placed in the one side of finger, and Photo Transistor is placed in other side of finger, our blood have a unique property that it can observe the IR Light and futher can transmit it, When the light is transmitted by blood, it can observed by Photo-Transistor, output of Photo Transistor is observed by analog pin of Arduino Nano, and peaks are created by the output, time difference between two peaks is calculated and according to this time pulse rate is calculated.

3. ECG Sensor (AD8232) : ECG sensor have total 3 Electrodes and these are placed on diffrent diffrent part of body, ECG sensor simply measures the Pulse rate but it's more accurate then ordinary pulse rate sensor.

In the project Arduino Nano is used which is the heart of Entire project, It measures output of all the sensors and shows on 16x2 LCD Display. This project is also featured with SMS Alert, whenever a button Onboard is pressed it sends the notification of Health parameters to the registered mobile number

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