Programming a DSTIKE ESP8266 Smart Watch with Arduino IDE

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In this video I'll demonstrate how you can reprogram a "DSTIKE Deauther Watch" (which I bought for just under £20 from Banggood) with custom code to create a wearable, portable Wi-Fi enabled device with built-in RGB LED, perfect for monitoring or controlling any other WiFi wireless devices!

Product link is

The watch itself is based around an ESP8266 chip, powered by a 500mAH Li-Po battery. It also features a built-in WS2812B ("Neopixel") RGB LED, a secondary white LED, a 1.3" 128px x 64px OLED screen, an IPEX aerial connector, and a rotary button - quite a neat range of features to pack onto your wrist!

It comes with pre-installed "Deauth" software, but you can replace this by uploading any new code you want using the Arduino IDE, together with some common libraries such as FastLED ( and lcdgfx (
In the last part of the video, I'll demonstrate how I use the watch as a remote control to activate and de-activate the ESP32-powered Escape Room-in-a-box controller which I'm currently in the process of building.

00:00:00-00:01:19 Introduction
00:01:20-00:04:59 Opening it up and examining the components
00:05:00-00:18:32 Writing custom code using the Arduino IDE
00:18:33-00:20:21 Demonstration and testing the hardware

00:20:22-00:23:31 Summary and example of ESP32 escape room controller interface over Wi-Fi

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