PlatformIO Tutorial for Arduino and ESP – First Steps with Visual Studio Code

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The Arduino IDE can do nothing! And that is good! Why, I explain in the video. The PlatformIO extension for Visual Studio Code is a free alternative to load code on your Arduino, ESP or similar microcontroller. I show you how to install the free Visual Studio Code first and add the free PlatformIO extension.

PlatformIO now supports more than 900 microcontroller boards, over 35 development platforms and over 20 frameworks – including the Arduino framework, of course.


0:00 Intro
1:22 Visual Studio Download
1:51 PlatformIO add-on installation
2:20 New Project for Arduino
3:04 Structure of a PlatformIO Project
3:46 main.cpp and Arduino.h Header
4:29 PlatformIO Buttons
6:06 Devices Section
6:52 New Project for ESP32
7:35 Fix USB-Port Upload Problems
9:05 Declare Functions
10:35 Advantages Over Arduino-IDE
13:03 Conclusion & Outro


Because PlatformIO runs as an extension in Visual Studio Code, you automatically get all the powerful features of the Visual Studio Code development environment at your fingertips. And that increases the fun of developing definitely.

However, when working with PlatformIO, you have to take care of a few things that automatically happened in the background in the Arduino IDE. I'll go over these hurdles, also show you how to deal with USB port problems when PlatformIO doesn't use the right port right away. And we test the whole thing once with an Arduino UNO board and an ESP32.

Write me in the comments what you think about PlatformIO. Or maybe you know another alternative to the Arduino IDE? Let me know.

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