PCB Layout in EasyEDA - Arduino Radio Tower

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Designing the PCB layout for my nRF24L01+ Radio Tower PCB

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Add some Net names
02:18 Convert to PCB
02:45 Set PCB attributes
03:50 Positioning components
07:12 Rip up and retry
08:18 Lots of rambling about routing
10:58 More fiddling about
13:25 Final routing adjustments
15:10 Working on the silk screen
17:56 Gerber upload
19:22 Collecting my $10 off coupon
20:25 The JLCPCB order page
21:10 A slight compromise
22:28 Back on the order page
24:16 Adding the BOM and CPL files
26:20 Selecting parts to be assembled
28:48 Saving the PCB to my cart
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