Oxygen Concentration and Flow Rate - Precision Medical Sensor with Arduino Uno

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For more details:: https://bit.ly/2U0OLcW
This is an economical oxygen sensor to measure oxygen concentration -percentage- and gas Volumetric Flow Rate. The sensor measures the gas temperature also. The Oxygen sensor in home and medical oxygen generator, PSA oxygen generator, anesthesia monitors, medical ventilator, breathing equipment, oxygen analyzer, hospitals, laboratories, combustion and environmental applications.

The Oxygen sensor output oxygen concentration, flow rate and temperature digital data through serial UART. This make it it easy to receive data and handle it using Arduino, microcontroller or pc interface.

The oxygen sensor uses the ultrasonic velocity difference between upstream and downstream to measure oxygen concentration. This cutting edge ultrasonic technology enables small size, stable, high accuracy, low cost sensor module, long life span 5 years. In addition, there is no need foe routine calibration.
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