Oplà Arduino IoT Kit Flying in a Rocket #ArduinoCloudGames

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Oplà Arduino IoT Kit Flying in a Rocket #ArduinoCloudGames.
Today I will realize my Arduino Cloud Games project plan to put this Oplà IoT Kit in this rocket along with its very own Verizon WiFi hotspot. In my previous video I connected the Oplà Arduino IoT Kit to the Arduino IoT Cloud wrote a sketch and set up a dashboard to monitor the IMU X, Y, Z acceleration readings, pressure, temperature and humidity on the rocket. I dedicated Friday and Saturday to preparing the Madcow Super DX3 high powered rocket to carry the Oplà IoT Kit and the WiFi hotspot. This included 3D printing these carriers to secure the Oplà and the Hotspot inside the payload section of the Super DX3. We need to check out each of the rocket's components. Every piece needs to be weighed. And the rocket's center of gravity needs to be one or more calibers ahead of the rocket's center of pressure to fly stably. The completed rocket will weight approximately 2,422 grams or 3002 grams including the motor. Thrustcurve.org says this rocket on the Aerotech I500T-14 DMS motor will fly to about 1000 meters RocketReviews parachute calculator indicates that my 72 inch parachute will bring this bird back at a safe speed. OpenRocket is a useful tool to dial in the flight profile for the specific weather conditions on the day. It's Sunday 20 February. This is the only Southern Arizona Rocketry Association club launch before the 11 March Arduino Cloud Games deadline. The rocket club sets up all the required equipment and provides flyers with a safe environment to launch rockets. The rocket club also does all the paperwork and communication with the FAA to permit high powered rocket flights. I must have a National Association of Rocketry Level 2 certification in order to fly the Super DX3 on this I500 motor. This is the weather forecast for today, winds look to be between 4-6mph. In reality the winds were at 7mph gusting up to 15mph. I have the rocket prepped and my flight card filled out. Let's go launch it.
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