OpenPLC traffic light project with Arduino | PLC automation

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I was looking for a way to teach PLC in my classes automation and I found this Opensource project called OpenPLC. To get things going I decided to program a small traffic light and use an Arduino Nano as slave for the Arduino. A few hours later I got it all working and I can testify that the PLC editor is up to standard. The only things missing in my eyes is no option to see your program working online for trouble shooting (Online monitoring).

If you like to discus stuff, you can let me know in the comments.

You can find the project description and the code here:

Components used in the build:

Jumper wires (M-M and F-M)
Arduino Nano (clone) + cable
5mm LED in the collors red, orange and yellow.
Great thanks to Thiago Alves for creating the OpenPLC project.
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