Model Railway Automatic Signal Control Using an Arduino Part 9 - Using the old IR Detectors

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This is Part 9 of a short series of videos where I look into using an Arduino to control signals on my model railway layout. In this part I revisit my layout where four or five years ago I used a much simplified version of the IR detectors I've used in this series of videos. I look at whether I can successfully reuse these with my Arduino sketch program. It turns out I can but I need to reconfigure the sketch program to accept analogue inputs. Below I have given links to the new Arduino sketch program you need and also the revised pin diagram needed.

NOTE: these versions are only needed if you intend to reuse the infrared detection already installed on your layout if you followed the original Everard Junction Part 19 Automatic Signalling tutorial. If you are starting from scratch I think you'd be better off using the modern infrared detector modules or reed switches.

Link for Updated Arduino Sketch for Analogue detection only

Link for updated Arduino Pin Diagram for Analogue detection only
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