Minicomputer Part 5: Building an Arduino ROM Reader

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In this episode we take our first step towards ensuring that we have a backup plan if all the magic smoke comes out on first power up – we rip the data off the ROMs! It’s not as easy as it sounds though as these ROMs are pretty old and weird chips that aren’t supported by a lot of ROM programmers out there, so in the end, we end up building our own ROM reader from scratch using an Arduino and some 74LS161s!

I’ve never used Github before, so I have no idea if this will work, but the ROM files and Arduino code should all be here:

Absolutely check out TechTangents, it’s an amazing channel:

Also, here’s more information on the Xeltek SuperPro Programmer:

Artist: Paper Coelacanth
Title: Final Fantasy IX: “Amarant’s Night Ride”

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0:00 Intro
1:51 A Look at the ROMs
4:33 Building the ROM Reader
11:08 A Look at the Arduino Code
13:07 Reading our First ROM
14:56 Synthwave
16:10 Wrap up
18:38 Bunny!
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