MC14490 Hex Contact Bounce Eliminator (e.g. Two Rotary Encoders & Arduino)

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Debouncing switches is always a hassle, but this chip makes it easy …
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If you watched my video about rotary encoders (link below) you know that I’m not a fan of software debouncing. The method I showed there is nice and easy, but if you’re debouncing a lot of switches it crowds your circuit board

Enter the MC14490: Just add a capacitor and that chip will debounce six contacts at once. As with RC debouncing you’ll need to now the timescale/frequency of your bounces/signals to come up with a proper value for that capacitor.

00:00 Intro – RC debouncing takes to many parts
01:31 MC14490 – a look into the datasheet
04:32 Timing – of bouncing and switching measured
07:57 Dimensioning – of the oscillator’s capacitor
11:00 Oscillating – with the chosen capacitor
11:53 Debouncing – one contact for now
13:21 Checking – the power-down constraint
14:30 Completing – the circuit with the Arduino
18:10 Coding – was just copy and paste
21:14 Wrap-up – it’s a question of scales, bye

Rotary Encoders and Microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino) – My Way …
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