MASSIVE Abandoned Spanish Palace | Everything Left Behind for Decades!

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Once filled with life, deserted today...
Building wrecks come in all shapes and sizes, but when a palace falls apart, it tends to attract a greater level of fascination. Today we give you a sense of the past, in the present, as we take you to Spain to a grand abandoned palace. This exalted place dates back to the 1800s and was owned by Mr. Molina. He was the oldest of 10 siblings who had just returned to his village after a long period of emigration in the Philippines. He had married a Filipina there and returned as a widower with two daughters. He, along with three of his other brothers had a textile factory and banking businesses in the Philippines with which they accumulated a great fortune. Back in his hometown, he settled permanently and lived on the income of his business in the Phillippines that continued there in the hands of his brothers. He lived in the palace until the beginning of the 20th century, when he passed away, and the property was inherited by one of his daughters, Manuela. After her death, a Spanish master architect went back to reform the palace again. This time it was divided into two houses, one for each of his two daughters.
What then happened to the building and why it was abandoned, we can not figure out during our research. We assume it's a combination of high inheritance taxes and prohibitive maintenance and renovation costs for the upkeep of this dignified building.
Today we will try to decipher the stories within its forgotten walls, as we venture our way inside and discover what's left behind.

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Abandoned Spain: MASSIVE Abandoned Spanish Palace | Everything Left Behind for Decades!
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