LIDAR Micro Drone with Proximity Sensing using Arduino Pro Mini

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A lightweight microdrone that can takeoff rom your hand or even a tree with Lidar based proximity sensing using Arduino Pro mini & F3 EVO.

Get Drone Details and Download Free Document at: https://nevonprojects.com/lidar-micro-done-with-proximity-sensing/

Drones are been widely used for various purposes. However since drones are costly and are highly prone to damage while flying, drones are still not a very common gadget. Also large drones need a lot of clear space to fly & hence they cannot be flown in narrow or dense areas. This Micro Drone presented here is build with an obstacle detection feature using LIDAR. This drone will trigger a buzzer for indicating any nearby object to avoid collision. Also its small size and lower cost makes it less risky to fly it in dense or narrow areas.

This Micro drone provides the following advantages:
Small size and Low Cost
LIDAR based obstacle sensing
LED and Buzzer indications as per obstacle distance
Can Takeoff from ones hand/trees or tight places
Less Noise and very lightweight design

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