Lesson 99: Building Arduino Digital Clock on LCD and Seven Segment Display

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This is ultimate lesson to use DS3231 Real-Time RTC clock module to build clock using Arduino. Either LCD clock or LED clock. All code and library is provided, explained with wiring diagram and setup.

This lecture is part of Arduino Step by Step course that starts here https://youtu.be/-6qSrDUA5a8

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Download Arduino code for this video:

Use Chapters from timeline or click on the time
00:00 Introduction
04:11 DS3231 Datasheet
05:07 DS3231 Wiring
06:38 Simple DS3231 Clock code and library
10:05 DS3231 Code using Alarm
14:07 Running DS3231 Clock code demonstration
17:49 Alarm Buzzer and LED wiring for DS3231, code and demo
22:21 LCD Clock using DS3231
23:57 LCD Clock Code for Arduino
28:43 Building Unlimited Alarm using DS3231 clock module
29:38 Unlimited alarm wiring diagram
31:29 DS3231 using Alarm with relay and AC bulb wiring
31:59 DS3231 Unlimited Alarm Arduino code
34:38 Demonstration of Unlimited Alarm with reset push button
35:40 LED Clock using DS3231 and HT16K33
38:45 LED Clock code explained
50:38 LED Clock Demonstration and settings

Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada
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