LabVIEW VISA Tutorial 4 | Ultrasonic + Arduino Programming | LabVIEW + Arduino Programming + VISA

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1. LabVIEW VISA Tutorial 4
2. Potentiometer + Arduino Programming
3. LabVIEW + Arduino Programming + VISA
4. Learn Arduino Programming Side by side

Ultrasonic library Download :-

NI-VISA uses many of the same operations to communicate with instruments, regardless of the interface type. This makes it easy to switch interfaces and provides a single language to learn for multiple different instruments.

VISA is designed so that programs written using VISA function calls can move from one platform to another. VISA does this by defining its own data types. This ensures your application performs consistently across different platforms. Therefore, a VISA application written in LabVIEW can be easily ported to any platform that supports LabVIEW.

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