Immaculate Abandoned Fairy Tale Castle in France | A 17th-century treasure

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This particular castle has been sold to a new owner who is, currently, renovating the premises.
If you, by any chance, know the location of this castle do not attempt entering it because this is punishable under French law with a fine of up to €15.000 and/or one year of imprisonment.
This castle is NOT abandoned anymore!

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On the grassy plains of an embattled French meadow that endured much political strife, sits a majestic castle with a harrowing history of its own.
Originally intended to be an important fortified castle, the construction of this dignified landmark was finished in the early 16th century.

Exactly one year ago, after the castle had been fading into oblivion for decades a priori, we visited this phenomenal place and could not believe our eyes. As centuries passed, the property was inhabited by the military nobility and several lieutenants who played a predominant role during the French Revolution. The personal legacy of generation upon generation is now left behind only to be devoured by nature as vegetation creeps through windows and doors/
Today we take you on an intriguing adventure back in time, as we visit this castle and take you on a journey through priceless historical mementos and invaluable antique furniture. One can rightly ask how such places even exist, and how one could ever leave such abundant history behind for the fate of the elements.

Today we are opening and sharing a discarded hidden treasure that has remained closed for years with each and every one of you.

Fortunately, the future of the building looks bright. The castle was recently bought and is currently being replenished back to its former glory. But before that happens, we're taking you on one last look behind its spellbound walls.

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Abandoned France: Immaculate Abandoned Fairy Tale Castle in France | A 17th-century treasure
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