I Explored An Abandoned Italian GHOST CITY - Hundreds of houses with everything left behind

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The 6th of April, 2009
3:30 AM.

When most residents were sleeping in their homes, an earthquake struck central Italy in the dead of the night. By the time the dust settles, hundreds have died.
Although this earthquake was moderate in size, magnitude 6.3, it caused nearly 300 fatalities, thousands of injuries, and displaced more than 60.000 people. Up to 11.000 buildings in medieval cities were damaged, a number of them also collapsed. The estimated total amount of damage: $1.1 billion dollars.

I'm going to find out what's left after this disastrous event. The adventure begins in a sparsely populated mountainous landscape in Italy. It's a gloriously bright and sunny summer morning when I arrive at one of the historic cities affected by the quake: a 13th-century hilltop town.
Today, the “zona rossa” -- or red zone -- remains in place, and the vast majority of structures within lie abandoned. In this adventure, we will wander together along the cobbled avenues. I will visualize the inexpressible tragedy that once occurred here and show you the aftermath of the quake, which struck this idyllic historic mountain town over 11 years ago, leveling homes and destroying the medieval, baroque, and renaissance gems within. Time... has stood still ever since. A predominant part of the buildings and homes have remained unspoiled, and together we'll raise awareness for the potentially debilitating effect of Mother Nature and delve into the precious history and family memories that are still roaming around, as the day of today.

While wandering in such an unusual environment, a lot of questions run through your mind. Why did the residents never take their belongings with them? Were they, for safety reasons, simply not allowed by the authorities to return after the evacuation? Or would they rather elude a confrontation with the enormous mechanical and emotional damage that this event had caused? How would you feel if you had an entire city to yourself? And what would you do?

Immediately following the earthquake, some 30.000 people were relocated along the coast. And some 28.000have been housed in 180 tent cities, located on the outskirts of the epicenter and several smaller cities.

The future for the cities nonetheless looks bright. One year later, I revisit this place. A skyline of cranes rises high above the city, while countless angry fractures disfigure its once beautiful buildings, now supported by a maze of scaffolding. The city is slowly coming back.
Collapsed buildings are reconstructed with anti-seismic technology, and the first signs of life start to shape the outskirts of the town.
I want to extend my deepest condolences to the victims and those affected by this catastrophic event in 2009. It was touching to see all the cultural Italian glory in this faded state.

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Abandoned Italy: I Explored An Abandoned Italian GHOST CITY - Hundreds of houses with everything left behind
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:00 What's left of the city after the quake?
00:05:13 Opening Title - "Italy Series 2.0"
00:05:43 A City For Myself
00:08:07 The main square (center)
00:17:48 Orientation
00:21:05 Hidden overgrown back alleys
00:22:44 The scorpion's den
00:25:57 Entering the first houses
00:29:37 A time-capsule
00:33:54 Why did the residents never come back?
00:35:05 Foggy mornings
00:36:21 Exploring the West part of the town
00:38:07 Shoplifting
00:40:15 Cobbled avenues
00:44:23 How could this have been prevented?
00:45:34 Double trouble
00:45:59 Exploring the East part of the town
00:47:08 The Grand Mansion
00:59:48 What happened immediately after the quake?
01:02:04 Scaffold
01:02:48 Leakage
01:10:34 Back into the streets
01:14:31 Flower Power
01:15:49 Loneliness
01:17:50 Apocalypse
01:19:52 Pristine abandoned house
01:23:15 Wine Cellar LG
01:24:05 Watch your step
01:27:26 The Main Street
01:31:28 The Chapel of the lost Skull
01:32:50 More houses
01:35:07 Church with underground crypts
01:41:03 The Palace
01:47:44 The Stairs
01:48:22 I'm not alone...
01:49:18 A closed treasure
01:51:29 Leaving the red zone
01:54:15 The vivid outskirts
01:55:52 Detention (the primary school)
02:01:04 The Last Detour
02:03:49 Clean
02:08:00 Walking back
02:10:51 Return to the square
02:12:29 The Future
02:13:41 Outro
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