How To Wire Box Thrusters, Hardpoints, Testing The Durability And Data Network (Starbase Tutorial)

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Another tutorial to aid you in ship functionality.
00:00 Overview
00:15 EasyBuild Fix
01:05 EasyBuild Thruster Modules
02:26 Placing Thruster Modules
04:28 Testing Data Of Placed Thrusters
05:15 Testing Thrusters With Flight
06:38 Handplacing Thrusters
08:10 Assembling Thruster
10:38 Hardpoint Mounting
11:47 Durability Check
13:20 Wiring, Data Tests, Different Updates
14:19 Flight Test
14:58 Troubleshooting With Flight Controllers
15:17 Two Types Of Controllers
16:25 Thruster Tips For Data
17:06 Outro And Future Topics
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