How to Wire a Tiny House - Electrical for On- and Off-Grid

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Here I show you how to wire a tiny house for electrical. I walk you through this during the build stage of the tiny house. The tiny house wiring can be a daunting aspect of the build. If you are at all uncomfortable doing this yourself, please bring in an electrician to help you with this! This video on tiny house electrical is simply to give you an overview of how I put in these systems and the components that I like to use for this.

That said, let me list out the various electrical components you see in the video so that you can find out more about them:

Pass through wall connector/inlet:
Progressive Dynamics RV panel:
VMax 125Ah batteries:
15AMP breakers:
DC fuses:
Ammunition storage box:
Ground bar:
Wire organizer:
Bulk low voltage wiring:
Battery monitor:
Power inverter:
Power shut off switch:

I have also done a video on the tiny house plumbing for the same structure I'm outlining here for the electrical, so please check that out as well if you are curious:

I'm a tiny house author and a tiny house builder who has been involved in the tiny house movement for some time now. When I first started building my house back in 2013, information was harder to come by and so now I want to provide those just starting their tiny house journey with relevant information to get them empowered and started down their own path to a more minimalist lifestyle.

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