How to use Joystick with Arduino and how to control servo motor using Joystick with Arduino?

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????This video will comprehensively explain you how to use joystick with Arduino, its connection and also in detail code explanation.
This video will also help you understand the working, specification and more.

Video time stamp:

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Technical Specification and working
1:24 Components required - Joystick Value
1:47 Connection of joystick
4:06 Arduino IDE Coding Part
7:18 Servo motor control
7:56 Circuit connection of servo and joystick
8:41 Programming part - Servo Motor control

At the end of this video we will be also working on controlling the servo more using the joystick.

???? The code for reading the values is in the below link, Its my website blog,

???? The code for the controlling the servo motor in the below link at the end of the page,

For more details and contact, check out the below link,

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???? Arduino UNO Boards

???? Jumper Cables

???? Joystick Modules

???? Servo Motor

???? Self Healing board (Green Board on which the project is conducted)

???? Breadboard

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