How to use an Arduino Proto Shield and Elegoo Prototyping Shield

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#protoshield #arduino #prototyping - How do you use an Arduino Proto Shield? What can you do with an Arduino prototyping shield? Why would you use a premade prototyping shield? In this video I will share what I learned about what to look for and how to find it.
Some topics include: Why I wanted to use a protoshield, the difference between the Elegoo and Arduino ProtoShield, what to look for in a prototyping shield and more.

If you are just starting out with Arduino, physical computing or hobby electronics you may be considering purchasing or using a prototyping shield. As I am progressing in my Arduino and electronics education, I am considering the possibility of using a protoboard / protoshield. There aren't many videos that explain what the official Arduino Proto Shield can do or how to use one. As I researched this prototyping shield topic, I realized that it may be helpful to explain some finer details that some more advanced tutorials may skip over.

I bought an official Arduino Proto Shield, Rev 3, Uno Size (TSX00083) from the official Arduino store. I also have Elegoo and Keyestudio prototyping shields. Sparkfun, Adafruit and many other maker companies sell prototyping shields and each one is designed differently. In this video I will try and share what I learned about what to look for and how to find it.

Video Timecodes:

Why I wanted to use a protoshield- :26
The project- 1:55
The Electronic Components to transfer- 2:46
Purpose of the ProtoShield: 3:27
Benefits of the Arduino ProtoShield- 6:28
Difference between the Elegoo and Arduino ProtoShield- 7:47
Benefits of the Elegoo Prototyping Shield- 8:49
What to look for in a Prototyping Shield- 9:00
Other items to consider- 10:32
Arduino ProtoShield Overview- 11:26
Arduino ProtoShield Schematic- 12:22
Stacking Shields- 13:18
Conclusion- 14:44

All of the components mentioned can be purchased on Amazon.
The Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino ProtoShield TSX 00083 can be purchased on the official Arduino website.

Schematic for the Official Arduino ProtoShield:

Smart car project from:
Exploring Arduino by Jeremy Blum
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