How to send sensor data from Arduino IoT cloud to Email | webhook & IFTTT with Arduino IoT cloud#iot

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Hello everyone !!
I have started new series on the Arduino IoT Cloud Platform, I have started making several projects based on this platform I hope this would be helpful to you.
this video is about how to use the webhook service in the Arduino IoT cloud platform.
and using the webhook service we are sending the sensors data to the email.
you learn about the following things.
1. How to interface potentiometer with esp32 board
2. How to configure the webhook and IFTTT
3. How to create a dashboard
4. How to do the programming in Arduino web-based editor
5. how to create a thing in the Arduino IoT cloud platform.
6. how to send the sensors data to the email.

if you want to know more about the Arduino IoT cloud platform then watch my previous video
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