How to make Smart Clap Switch using Arduino | DIY Arduino Projects

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The proper way to make a clap light switch is to use an Arduino or a microcontroller, because it allows the device not just to detect claps but to recognise a clap pattern, two claps in our case. Two clap pattern is much more reliable than a single clap because it prevents false triggering.

Code (sketch) for this Arduino project:
Microphone module you can get here:
5V relay module:
Arduino UNO:
Arduino wires (jumper wire, Dupont):

0:00 - About clap switch (and short demo)
0:20 - What components are needed
0:42 - Flashing Arduino
0:57 - Connecting wires
1:57 - Powering up everything and the first test
2:22 - Connecting a light bulb
2:33 - Controlling a light bulb
2:50 - Voice detection problem
3:17 - Fixing voice detection problem
4:12 - Test with a modified microphone module
4:34 - Removing one more capacitor
4:45 - Final test
5:09 - False triggering prevention demo
5:41 - Goodbye
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