How To Make Multimeter Using Arduino| Multimeter | Experimentalist | Calculate R, C, V Using Arduino

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In this project, we see how to make a multimeter using Arduino. It performs some tasks like measuring the voltage, capacitance, and resistance. we can use a voltage divider circuit used for measuring the voltage.

go to these time, for ease:-
00:00 - 00:30 - introduction
00:30 - 05:38 - making or construction
05:38 - 06:50 - code
06:50 - 13:33 - working
13:33 - 13:54 - end

for code and circuit diagrams go to my GitHub account link is below:-

For resistance calculation, We will set up a voltage divider circuit with the known and unknown resistors, and measure the voltage between them with the Arduino., After that, we’ll run a program that calculates the resistance using Ohm’s Law.
For capacitance, Time Constant. the Time Constant (τ) of a capacitor can also be defined as the time taken by a fully charged capacitor C to discharge to 36.8 % of its maximum voltage through a resistor R.
T = RC
Initially, we will discharge the capacitor using pin 9 ( LOW) of Arduino to make sure that the capacitor has no charge. We will then start the timer and charge capacitor using the Arduino charge Pin8 (HIGH).
Now, we have to monitor the voltage across the capacitor at the analog pin and once it reaches 63.2% of 5V (approximately 648 from the analog pin), we have to stop the timer and calculate the capacitance by using C = T/R.this capacitance meter range is from 1uf - 2200uf, after this, it gives a wrong reading.

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