How To Make Clap Switch with Arduino and Sound Sensor | Arduino projects

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In this video we will discover :How To Make Clap Switch with Arduino and Sound Sensor |
| Module KY-038 | Arduino UNO R3 projects for beginners.
Clap Switch with Arduino

Schema of the circuit : https://andprof.com/creativity/clap-switch-with-arduino-and-sound-sensor-arduino-project-with-code/

Programming Code : https://andprof.com/creativity/clap-switch-with-arduino-and-sound-sensor-arduino-project-with-code/

How to use arduino IDE software : https://andprof.com/tools/what-is-arduino-software-ide-and-how-use-it/
our website link : https://andprof.com/
Sound Sensor Module with Arduino Tutorial.Clap Switch
Arduino Clap Switch Using Sound Sensor
How To Make A Clap Switch | Control Light With Clap using Arduino
How to make a Clap Switch using Arduino
Arduino Sound Sensor Control
Sound Sensor Module KY-038
sound sensor arduino code
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