How to make Arduino indoor garden (Arduino garden controller)

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Hey, in this video we made a super simple and beginner friendly Arduino garden controller. Using Arduino, a moisture sensor alongside one relay, we were able to automate watering system for our plant.
0:00 Parts
0:11 Testing
0:37 Planting the plant
0:57 How it works
2:27 Final bits
3:16 Demonstration
3:44 Me saying some stuff

There really isn't much more to it. Code and a scheme will be on my github:
I'm pretty sure no one is reading descriptions, but I forgot to mention some stuff in my outro, this is the first video I haven't used any music, so please give me some feedback on that, any other feedback is also welcome. If you're sad you can follow my amaaaazing socials:
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​- Github:​
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