How to Make an Easy Smart Arduino LED Strip Controller? | The Ultimate Smart Room Ep.2

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We're going to see how we can build an affordable Arduino LED Strip controller for less than 10$!

Intro 0:00
Control Brightness (Theory) 0:29
Control Color (Theory) 1:38
Circuit 2:34
Breadboard Assembly 5:11
Perfboard Assembly 6:26
LED Strip Installation 6:43
Coding 7:14

You will need:
- An Arduino Nano
- 3x Logic Transistors (IRL540)
- 3x Heat Sinks
- 3x Large Resistors (larger than 100KΩ)
- A perforated board (perfboard)

Download all the needed FILES Here!
Official Arduino IDE software:
Arduino Sketches:
Circuit Schematic:

If you still need some help with your Arduino LED Strip controller let me know in the Comment section below!

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