How to make an Amazing Arduino Robotic Arm | Arduino Project

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In this video I will show you how to make an amazing Arduino robotic arm! When the switch is turned on, the lid opens and the robot arm rises, and when the switch is turned off, the robotic arm folds back and the lid closes. Arduino robotic arm is controlled by two joysticks and two potentiometers. Also, the robot arm can be programmed to carry out any commands.

For such a robotic arm, it took:
- Arduino UNO (or any other Arduino)
- 7 Servos
- 2 Joysticks
- 2 Potentiometers 10K
- Aluminum tube
- Cardboard
- Battery 12V
- Battery 6V
- Wires and switches

Amazing DIY arduino robotic arm with servos turned out!


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