How to build an Arduino DCC++ EX program track with resin river

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This video is 2 parts. In the first part, we build the program track structure with a wooden bridge and resin river diorama. Building this diorama into the program track allows me to test a deep pour resin I plan to use for other projects. The structure includes 2 tracks - a program track for setting up Digital Command Control (DCC) locos and the main track for testing the locos.

In the second part, we build a simple DCC command station using DCC++ EX and the free Engine Driver software for Android. The build includes setting up the 3 cards, then downloading and configuring software. This is a great low-cost option for getting into DCC at home and I'm using cheaper Arduino alternatives.

- Makerfabs ESP8266 wifi shield
- Elegoo Mega 2560 RS aduino mega knock-off
- Hieefi L298P motor shield

Power sources:
- 12V 3A DC for the motor shield
- 9V 1A DC for mega

Total cost AU$88 (about US$60). This does not include the tracks, or materials used to build the program track diorama.

A special thanks to Pat for donating the N scale Code 55 track for this project, who at the time of filming is the president of the Canberra Monaro N Scale Modelling Group (CMNSG).

00:00 - Introduction to 2 part video
00:57 - Part 1: Building a resin river bridge diorama
08:44 - Part 2: DCC++ EX build your own command station
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