How to Add and Use NodeMCU V3 with Arduino IDE | Getting Started | ESP8266

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This video shows how to add and use this NodeMCU V3 with Arduino IDE. It applies to all ESP8266 brands such as Wemos D1, Wemos D1 R2, Robotdyn D1 R2, etc. Furthermore, it comes with example libraries for ESP8266 boards.

Why use the ESP8266 board?
The main reason for using the ESP8266 board is because inexpensive able to connect to Wi-Fi and open-source IoT platforms.

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2. NodeMCU - https://nodemcu.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
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Board Manager:

CH340/341 Driver:

Time Stamp:
0:00 Trailer
0:16 Intro
0:33 Unboxing NodeMCU V3
1:09 Install CH340 driver
1:46 Install ESP8266 board
2:17 Simulate project
2:57 End screen

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