Homemade CNC Router Part 8: Installing UGS On A Raspberry PI (Arduino CNC Router)

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For my Homemade CNC Router I decided to install UGS On a Raspberry PI. The reason I did this was so I didn't have to bring out my laptop to use my Homemade CNC Router. If you guys have any questions about the installation of Universal Gcode Sender on the Raspberry PI feel free to leave your question in the comment section.

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CNC Router Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCfozojViTYZf-_7-BgFngrP0isFod58Y

Install Raspberry PI On Your Computer

Insert a SD Card into your Computer and download Raspberry PI (32 Bit)
After it is finished downloading insert that SD Card into the Raspberry PI
Turn on your Raspberry PI and connect it to an external monitor
Congrats! You should now have a Raspberry PI Working

Downloading UGS

Download UGS Raspberry PI Version and place it on your desktop
Create a folder and insert the setup file in it then proceed to extract it, this may take a while.

Open up Terminal and Configure the Raspberry PI Correctly

Type “sudo apt-get update”
Then “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Then “sudo raspi-config”
Select Advanced Options
Select GL Driver
If your using an external screen select “Full KMS”
Then Restart your Raspberry PI

Installing Java Through The Terminal
a: Type “sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk”
b: Let Java Download, this may take some time

Opening Up UGS

Click on the folder you created - ugs platform - bin then proceed to right click on ugs platform - select properties - permissions - Change all the permissions to anyone!
Go back to the ugs icon and right click it then select open - Execute in Terminal!
After you Execute In Terminal the UGS will start to open and load. My first time doing this it took a few minutes so be patient. I noticed it got faster after.

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